48v 5kwh 7.5kwh and 10kwh powerwall battery for home use

Short Description:

Product Origin:China;

Shipping Port:Shenzhen/Ningbo/Shanghai;

Solar Cell:LiFePO4;

Power Ranger:5kwh 7kwh 10kwh;

Type:Lithium Ion Battery;

Voltage:48V, 51.2V;

Ampere:100AH 150AH 200AH;

Maintenance Type:Free Maintenance;

Cycle Life:More Than 20years;


Certification:CE MSDS TUV UL;

Lead Time:10-15days;

Payment:T/T/West Union/Credit Card/Paypal;

Warranty:12 Years;

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Product introduction

Solar powerwall is an integrated lithium ion battery pack. It is very safe with adopting lithium iron phosphate battery technology. Powerwall battery system is widely used in home energy storage system(HESS) such as solar energy system, wind energy system, ups and also EPS, telecom.

48v 5kwh 7.5kwh and 10kwh powerwall battery for home use


Advantages of BEIHAI  Powerwall Lithium Battery
1. 12Years warranty;
2. 6000Cycles Life;
3. Modular stack up to 14 Powerwalls in parallel;
4. RS485&CAN Communicaion;
5. Built-in Smart BMS;
6. Compact size and Safe Material;

48v 5kwh 7.5kwh and 10kwh powerwall battery for home use
10kwh powerwall battery for home use


Lithium Battery Powerwall

Model LFP48-100 LFP48-150 LFP48-200
Norminal Voltage 48V 48V 48V
Nomrinal Capacity 100AH 150AH 200AH
Norminal Energy 5KWH 7.5KWH 10KWH
Charge Voltage Range 52.5-54.75V
Dicharge Voltage Range 37.5-54.75V
Charge Current 50A 50A 50A
Max Discharge Current 100A 100A 100A
Design Life 20Years 20years 20years
Weight 55KGS 70KGS 90KGS
BMS built-in BMS built-in BMS built-in BMS
Communication CAN/RS-485/RS-232 CAN/RS-485/RS-232 CAN/RS-485/RS-232

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powerwall battery

How BEIHAI Powerwall Works?

1. It stores energy from solar panels or grid;
2. It prevent your house from power outage;
3.  Powerwall provides energy for you when you need;
4. Powerwall can be charged by solar or grid;

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Our Services

We have first-class R & D personnel and high-quality management personnel, can manufacture various solar photovoltaic systems and photovoltaic modules according to the needs of customers, to provide customers with complete solutions in the field of solar energy applications and efficient and fast service, while the company has established a user service system with the general manager as the direct responsible person, from the production line of the product factory to the user's use of the process, the implementation of the whole tracking and technical services.

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